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Top Concourse Electronics & Computers

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74 Westchester Square,
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Electronic Devices at a Fair Price

Top Concourse Electronics in the Bronx, New York, offers musical instruments, household appliances, and laptops, and other electronics. We also offer repair services for laptops, computers, and other items. Call us for more information!

You Name It, We Have It

Our inventory is updated on a daily basis, so be sure to check back often for new items in stock. Most of our products come with a manufacturer's warranty. All you have to do is email us your order and we will deliver it to the shipping company for you. Below are lists of what we have in our store:

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Electric Toy Cars Computer Mouses Speakers
Guitars Bikes Car Stereos


Casio™ | Sharp™ | Seiko™ | Citizen™

Car Equipment

Amplifiers | Equalizers | DVD and CD Players | Capacitors

Bikes and Scooters

Electric Scooters and Bikes | Gas Scooters and Bikes | Generators | Diesels and Gas

Household Items

Refrigerators | Stoves | Air Conditioners | Washers and Dryers | TVs (LED, LCD, and Projections) | Mini Systems | Antennas | Cameras (Digital and Video) | Alarm Clocks | Radios | Hair Dryers | Hair Clippers | Hair Brushes

DJ Equipment

DVD Recorders | Duplicators | Speakers | Amplifiers | Equalizers


Telephone Cords | Cordless Phones | Decorative Phones | Cell Phones

Computer Parts and Accessories

CPUs | Motherboards | Fans | Hard Drives | TV Tuners | Enclosures | USB Cables | USB to TV Out Adaptors | Power Supplies | DVD and CD Burners | Wireless Gears | Webcams

Other Items

Laptops | Tablets | iPod™ and Accessories | Fax and Copy Machines | Typewriters

Gaming Systems

Nintendo™ DS | PSP™ | PS3


Regular | With Paper | Scientific | Financial

Musical Instruments

Guitars (Electric, Acoustic, Electroacoustic, and Cuatro) | Accordions | Violins | Trumpets | Drum Sets | Thumb Picks | Cords and Strings


Batteries (for Telephones, Cameras, Cellphones) | Needles and Belts for Turntables | All Sorts of Cables and Connectors




Peavey Behringer Pioneer
QSC Audio JBL Shure